Getting Started

Welcome to The CryptopediaYou made it!!!

So you must have heard a lot about this crypto-wave and finally thinking of giving it a try? Fair enough!
I’ll tell you my story – I’m a 31 year professional who never invested before in stocks or mutual funds etc. But one random day in August, I met a someone in a work networking event and we randomly started discussing about crypto. At that point all I knew about crypto was Bitcoin. He, then, told me about Ethereum and how investing in it could be a big thing. It was $208 then and Litecoin was somewhere around $60.
I did a lot of research, read several articles and finally  took a chance and ended up getting some some ETH and LTC. Best decision of 2017!

Anyway,  I’m going to give you a small introduction on how to get this started.

First get yourself familiar with the cryptocurrencies. Read about their growth trend, their market capitalization, total coins/tokens in circulations etc. Check the list of all Top 100 currencies in circulation all around the globe.

Get yourself informed about all the cryptocurrencies before you start investing.CryptoTech

The purpose of this website is to give you all the information at one place and we’re striving to achieve that.

If you feel ready to get in, please follow these instructions for your first crypto investment:

  • First you’d have to make account on the exchange website
    • Coinbase – To buy Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin directly from your bank account
    • Binance – The Best Trading platform to get crypto like Ripple, Tron etc.
    • Koinex (India) – To get all top crypto directly from your bank account (INR)
    • Kucoin
    • Hitbtc
  • Link your bank account in Coinbase and you can start making the purchase for either Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC).What’s the difference? You can read about the crypto-currencies here. Make your good research before putting in your money.
  • Coinbase also requires you to have your identity verified. You would need to upload the picture of ID documents like drivers license or passport.
    • ID verification process doesn’t stop you from making purchases. So you can do that in parallel. However, after getting ID verified your deposit/withdraw limit would be extended.
  • Depositing Funds:
    • It takes upto 8 business days for money to get deposited if you use Bank ACH transfer and that includes 3% deposit fee.
    • Using credit card/ debit card would deposit your amount instantly but higher fee would be applied applied.
  • Once the crypto currency appear in your digital wallet of coinbase, transfer them to Binance and start trading with other currencies i.e., trade your bitcoins (BTC) with other digital currencies.
    You cannot use USD on Binance. You can only use bitcoins to trade between currencies. When you wanna get out, you need to transfer back your BTC to coinbase and make the USD withdrawal there.Our top currency picks are published here.

There are many other platforms and exchanges on internet.
You may find this worth checking:

For any investment suggestions/questions or need any help, shoot us an email:

We will be setting up trading desk in India soon. You will be notified by email.

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